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A Japanese Kyoto pottery koro (incense burner) of political interest - Japanese and UK History

Hi everyone,

Well I thought id include in my blogs information and history on my pieces from within my collection that are onsite at Museum of Treasure. I obtained this fascinating Koro pot from the South East of England at a top end auction house sold from a direct family descendant of those concerned. 

What a fascinating piece with a nice official  business card note to.


This was a gift with the card of Mr. Shigeru Yoshida written to Mrs. Neville Chamberlain with happy remembrances of the past. 'Hoping you are keeping well'.

Shigeru Yoshida was the Japanese ambassador in London from 1936-38 and later became prime minister of several cabinets in Japan between 1948 and 1954. During his and his wife Yukiko's time during the pre-war years at the Japanese Embassy, 10 Grosvenor Square, relations between the two countries were often difficult. However the feelings between Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain and Mr. and Mrs. Yoshida were cordial and their friendship and affection for Britain remained in later years. Yoshida was firmly against war with the allies.

 Provenance  By direct family descent

Some more details on this piece 

A Japanese Kyoto pottery koro (incense burner) of tapered cylindrical form resting on tripod ruyi-head legs, the shallow doed cover moulded with chrysanthemum petals and surmounted by a florl bud finial, the whole decorated in overglaze enamels and gilding with a (hairy-tailed tortoise) a Manchurian Crane , Pune and prunus ( all emblematic of longevity, unsigned. 


Its 6cm in size 

Well what a fascinating item to own that I'm happy keeping it in my collection but of course it is on sale if anyone ever chooses to buy. 

And that is my 1st product blog , thoughts anyone feel free to0 comment if you wish.




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