Museum of Treasure

My story

My previous professions were Ex Military , Social Care including my own business.

So From 2008 I started to study Environment Science , Marine Biology, Oceanography also Leadership and Management at university. Moreover I had big dreams & aspirations so built on my successes from a very difficult set of circumstance I had been dealt with in life since 2002.

(NOTE THIS STORY) was put together along with the business from 2016.

The website some years later.

So after reading this story if you want to know more about my life from 2002-2023 its on my other BUSINESS HOME PAGE.  A1-Who Dares Wins Home page link for that on This home page. I kept the madness out of Museum of Treasure but ya know from 2016-23 others brought it on so ! So did I ha ! 

In 2013 I was in a great position in life but all that suddenly changed ! I was faced with a lot of adversity brought on my others. So later in 2013 November I ended up in a Psychiatric  hospital and lost everything. 

They targeted and destroyed :

My dreams n goals 

My career & any chance of another 

My academic education 

My spiritual , physical , emotional and mental well-being - Prior to that I had elite  fitness standards and with their drugs and treatment plans they completely destroyed me. But I fought back.

Maybe you can relate reading this! 

When you have tasted success In life and you have worked hard for everything you achieved ! Well when I group of Doctors & staff  came along and stripped my life of everything and left me with nothing. Naturally I wasn’t going to accept that utter shite. 

So December 2013 I has been In a psychiatric hospital for 1 month. I was in room no 1,  the end of that month I was supposed to be going abroad to New York & Central America. 

So I took a Penny 1p £0.01p Out of my pocket and I held it up in that place ! I could only describe as hell on Earth in a bottomless pit of despair. 

I held up the penny and I said to myself ?

“ Come on Rob “ “ 1 Penny to £1 million with no idea how or job “

Obviously at the time that was an off the rails goal that I had set myself coupled with the fact I was in a psychiatric hospital being pumped full of drugs. I made a point of telling those staff and Dr's what I was going to do also. But they just thought I was delusional.

I later got off my section and walked out of that Psychiatric hospital with that 1 Penny coin in my pocket. Within 2 weeks I was in Egypt completing Scuba Diving Courses and to plan my new set of Goals & Dreams. But needed another also to build on it like a stepping stone.

So May 2014 whilst I’m Egypt , Dahab . South Sinai I I came up with a plan to create my own Tropical Oasis  abroad somewhere  in paradise . But I needed to raise the cash. This was also another dream of mine id had since 2003. 

During the period May 2014 to May 2016 I learnt through mistakes , errors & experience that it was not such a good idea ! This is because unfortunately abroad countries don’t safeguard foreign investors in business ! It’s all in the countries residence favour. 

So back from Thailand May 2016 I decided to invest and create something in the UK- where it was safe and secure and not abroad.( 2020 quick reflection  on that-  Covid-19 came along so good sound decision) 

So It was the end of June 2016 Museum of Treasure was created from an idea ! Then actioned and put in place in only 12 days with £2600 I had saved. Well it turned out not only did I find my £1 million idea!  I also stumbled upon what I loved and was truly passionate about in life. 

 I then realised this was my dream , what I loved and a life time goal that I forgot I had. Since about 10 years old I’d always fancied being an Antique dealer with found memories when my mother took me to get my 1st piece. I just slipped my mind for decades after. 

Reflection 2020 below. 

Good things fall apart so better things can come together.

Of course In life we must not let others stop us including the Naysayers from going after our dreams , passions and goals and definitely not accept being written off for a life of nothing with no future.

So that’s how Museum of Treasure was created -

From Hell and Despair with 1 penny I chose to rise out of the darkness and into the light. 

I read some interesting books and back then I didn’t even know what it was until I read the book in July 2020. 

And yes I also bought myself a Gold 1 Penny 💓 it’s also my business logo as you can see ! I see it as a good reminder of how it all started and tells the story of my business well.

“Make your own Adventures & your Dreams will Follow”

If you like the above Quote ! It’s mine & how I follow life in general and where all my inspirations and dreams have come from = Travel & Adventure! 

Here is my full life quote :

My Personal Quote on Travel (years ago) 
"For me Travel is an Education. It open's our heart & Soul and puts us in a position of risk, having to entrust ourselves in strangers and the elements of nature. It give's us new life experience's, both Positive and negative that we can learn from.
The world is an amazing place, disrespect it at your own peril.
Adventure begins from the day we are born ! Life.... Embrace it ,Feel it, and live it! because once its gone its gone" 



2023 after getting screwed over in this business including all my dreams (What a surprise) onwards I have other agendas now.

Go to my home page and click the link , I don't just deal in Antiques.  Clothing  , apparel, accessories and more and in 2024


I put together , Premium Roasted Coffee, health, Fitess & Wellbeing   products  🌻• 

Robert Bailey

Great one below also. 

Below image. December 2013 Hell= Hergest Mental Health Unit, Bangor North Wales.Taliesin Ward Room 1 with my one Penny and my unachievable , unrealistic Dream and Goal at that time so I thought subconsciously.

And let’s not forget those idiots thought I was delusional when I told them my Dream. 



Robert Bailey - Museum of Treasure