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About me



Business overview

I am a dealer with big ambition, goals and a huge passion for Antiques, and a whole load more. I deal in Antiques from around the world. In addition I also have Vintage , Numismatics, Antiquities , Artefacts & some Jewellery available.

All sales are reinvested back into the collection and offers are available through negotiation.


I also buy Antiques ,Gold Numismatic  coins & anything of interest but please note I do not deal in general antiques - if you want to sell to me please message or call me : 07555052352

UPDATE 2022 



I started Museum of Treasure 6 years ago, starting in June 2016 with only 6 items. I now have 300+ items in my collection. feel free to browse my store online and if anything interests you please contact me. 


Why choose Museum of Treasure ? 
  • Expert advice already in place on any item you are interested in 
  • High-quality items 
  • An extensive range of every description
  • Competitive pricing & Free shipping fully insured
  • Deals & offers available 20% off all products like Buy it Now or Best offer direct here. 
  • Valuation & appraisals- Correct identification, valuation & appraisal completed on all products before going on sale.
  •  Authenticity Guaranteed 
  • 14 day Returns policy 
  • Now also on from March 2022

Valuations & appraisels 

Although the items I obtain are genuine and come from top establishments within the UK . Despite this fact I still on receipt of receiving my goods or prior to purchasing I get professional valuations & appraisals carried out on them. This insures I obtain a genuine and authentic collection including a guide for pricing for my clients if they chose to buy from my collection. This is especially important because auction houses get it wrong, often selling reproductions.  I've found this since untilising Value my stuff.

Authenticity Guaranteed 

I use for authentication , identification and valuing my collection.They are a team of experts formally made up of Ex Sotheby’s , Christie’s and other top auction houses. They are regarded as the No 1 valuation and appraisals experts online. I receive fantastic in-depth knowledgable valuations & appraisals from them and very happy with the service I receive.

Buy it Now or Best offer 

I can do deals for my clients within reason .I'm open to offers on my entire collection through this store . Currently I offer 10% so if you see anything you like contact me. 

10% discount is automatic at checkout.

Finally if you have read this far - I’d describe myself as a dealer /Collector who puts my clients needs 1st always.

 I hope you like my collection . I look forward to obtaining and selling on unique pieces from within my collection for many years to come . It’s a big passion of mine I love it. 

Thank you very much for visiting,  browsing or purchasing from my store. 

Robert Bailey -  Museum of Treasure