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Antique Fairs and markets for the rest of 2022

Hi all,

Well I've decided to add an Antique Market to my monthly schedule for Museum of Treasure along with the two localised fairs in Shropshire for the rest of 2022.

From August 31st through to the end of November. The last Wednesday of each month I will be at the Wembley Antiques market in London 12ft tables. 

check it out below the dates will be :

31st August 2022

28th September 2022

26th October 2022

30th November 

2 fairs in Shropshire through Jos events small exhibition stand 6ft maybe larger  :

17-18th  2022 September Oswestry show ground 

1-2nd October 2022 Shrewsbury Flea 

19-20th November 2022  Oswestry show ground 

I hope to see you there and build a long lasting client base in these areas obviously the distance puts me of to London 300 mile round trip in a day so very early start for me that.

But you gotta be in it to win it as they say. Nice quote in my blog image from Robert Kyiosaki , Rich Dad Poor Dad dont you think :) 


Robert - Museum of Treasure 

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