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Dropping UK Antique fairs.

Hi all,

After considering my options, I've decided I'm to high end for the UK  fairs apart from the NEC and Peterborough , also London. But I'm not prepared to carry around such high value items.

So its Homebase just like an antique centre full professional cabinets and payment facilities in place . Online through my website and on love

The problem is people cant really drop £500-£2000 at the fairs and I aim for mid to high end pieces as a dealer. I found at the fairs apart from Jewellery its mostly Bargain hunt standard at these fairs and car booters. Yes there are some nice antiques but when you go to them and your always the highest end dealer then clearly your in the wrong place,.

Love antiques is a great platform to drive traffic and interest to my website and business along with sales So I'm sticking with that and appointment based viewings from home. 


Robert - Museum of Treasure

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