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My thoughts ! Antique centres, Antiques fairs after 1 year of doing some

Hi all,

Well late on last year I started Antique fairs in September 2021 actually. I did the smaller fairs and some larger well known ones and achieved success. However it quickly became apartment that the smaller fairs were a waste of time due to the level of quality within my collection. 


As I deal in mid to high end spectrums its apparent not only do I need to attend the big well known fairs but I also have to put myself infront of the right customer-clients to. 


Antique centres 

In November I went into 2 Antique centres and pulled out of 1 the end of January 2022. Again its important to place your self infront of there right customer base and I dont feel I've been achieving this at the Antique centres so reverting back to 1 antique centre and the fairs again. 


Last year January to December was my best year on record but not online. It was the lack of sales online that made me take action to address the problem and so thats how it unfolded along with having a large enough collection to start. 


I'm looking forward to 2022 I have new business goals in other areas so I want be doing the usual and throwing every penny into my business this year and the next 5. But I will obtain more stock to slowly grow the collection every year. 


This website is great but the sales are extremely poor on shopify despite the fact I'm offering discounts and free shipping. I will persevere with it though and hope it will change in the future after attending more fairs and so on. 


Its great doing the fairs I get to network with other dealers along with meeting lots of interesting customers and sources to obtain more stock of course. 


Those are my views so far. I love my business and what I do though very much its definitley a dream of mine i've acheived which is great.


Thank for reading g the blog , feel free got comment if you wish.

All the best 


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