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New progress and starting some fairs again this year and beyond


I dropped the fairs this year due to costs and lack of clients who want high end items. But I really need to be around London, Newark , Wetherby , Peterborough and a few other places but not keen on the distance and costs associated with it. 

So I've made a few changes this year. Moved onto the Love Antiques platform you can find my business on there,  Museum of Treasure. I use that to market my business as well as Social media and a few Antique and Collectors fairs.  

3 more fairs through JOS EVENTS I will do this year as its local to me and I will only have a 6ft table. This is to bring awareness about my business to the localised areas across Shropshire. 

The 3 remaining fairs I will be at in 2022link below are;

1. Oswestry show ground- 17-18th September 2022

2. Shrewsbury Flea - 1st-2nd October 2022

3. Oswestry show ground - 19-20th November 2022.

Museum of Treasure and the Future ........

I'm happy with Love Antiques which I joined the end of March 2022. I'm also relieved I left eBay. I will continue on my chosen platform and mix it up with small marketing exhibition stands across some fairs through the years. Like I said only 6ft stands as I don't want any stress or get anything damaged to and from them all the time. 

So far so good and so it continues. 

Robert Bailey - Museum of Treasure 

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