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A Polish 84 standard silver egg. By Josef Sonskowski, Warsaw.

Museum of Treasure
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A Polish 84 standard silver egg, maker's mark not seen, Assay Master Josef Sonskowski, Warsaw.


Applied with boar's heads with hunting horns and semi-precious stones, having an open-work finial, on three scroll feet, opening to reveal the cast figure of a bison.







Extra Notes

Russian occupied Warsaw and parts of Poland for much of the 19th century and an Imperial Russian Assay Office was operating from 1852-1899. This looks to be quite nicely made and I would like to feel from what I can see in the images that this piece is alright, but I should warn you that a number of fakes are reported bearing the Sonskowski Assay marks just like this and some people are now suspicious of all of these.

Returns excepted ! 14 days fully insured postage required by the buyer.

Please also note I take great care in storage of all my items ? Professional none acidic paper n wrapped in bubble wrap ready to go n stored in my safe. So on receipt of an item all that’s most likely needed is a slight clean with professional product a cloth professional silver cloth important to note ! Not just any rag very important that.

I’m talking 1-2 minutes max yeah 👍🏿

Thanks for checking out my ever growing collection 🤠