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A Sasanian King, Khusru II Silver Drachm A.D. 590-628

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Well I got this coin of Antiquities dealer n he didn't know anything so i bought it n did my own research and I've found it ! Great fun when I get artefacts n know nothing about them. Some items even experts can't answer i have one at the moment lol cool. 


So what we have here is !



A Sasanian King, Khusru II Silver Drachm, dated (A.D. 590-628)

OBV, bust to the right with crown, name in outer margin, rev fire alter with attendant's. (c.f sell wood 65,gobo 212,m212, m1141)



Hey its in good condition but the face on the front is worn more than the picture for ID purposes the twin photo. So its not super fine id describe it as a coin in good condition that not been cleaned or holed. Its a nice example happy having it in my collection. 


Make me a good offer and its yours ! 

Value max about £125- £150 id say to the right buyer of course. 


Returns not accepted. Worldwide shipping available.