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a display of different types of doughnuts
a display of different types of doughnuts

Ancient Egyptian Scarabs & Plaques

Museum of Treasure
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1 - A Cowroid steatite seal amulet with a stylised uraeus and Nefer sign towards the top of the amulet. The reverse side of the Cowroid has a geometric design. Pierced longitudinally. 

2 - Scarab made from steatite. One line dividing the wings in two. Head is depressed. The base of the scarab is decorated with a depiction of Amun Re.

3 - A Plaque showing a figure of a Hawk and a Uraeus. Base has name of Amun Re present. Also pierced longitudinally. 

4 - Rectangular steatite plaque of Nefer symbols. Pierced longitudinally. 

5 - Rectangular steatite plaque showing Amun Re as a striding figure. Pierced longitudinally. 

6 - Openwork faience plaque of the Wedjat-Eye. Also pierced longitudinally.


1 - 1.5 cm

2 - 1.5 cm

3 - 2 cm

4 - 1.1 cm 

5 - 1.8 cm

6 - 1.6 cm 


Ex. Collection: Dr. Geoff Smith, San Diego, California, USA acquired before 1978

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