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Carved Hardwood Ruyi Scepters, China, 20th Century. 13 inches

Museum of Treasure
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Carved Hardwood Ruyi Scepters, China, 20th Century


Carved dark red brown hardwood. Medium sized ruyi scepter in classical form, exhibit classical ruyi motif, additional lingzhi springs leaping through the staffs, finished in high relief. Scepters of this kind were ritual objects and symbols of power and good fortune.


20th Century


13 inches

Extra Notes

Mostly of noble materials such as jade, ruyis were presented as a token of appreciation or as an auspicious gift on occasion of an imperial birthday or New Year. Each scepter is carved from one wood piece and shows the carving style of the Qing Dynasty. However, the pieces appear to be of 20th Century based on the provided photographs

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